Cigarettes & Your Teeth

Gum disease or periodontal disease, which can damage roots and cause teeth to fall out, is three to six times more common among smokers. Even smokeless tobacco can irritate gum tissue, causing gums to relax around teeth, allowing bacteria to lodge in and cause decay.

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"Smoking is injurious to health"

Where have you read this?

At all public places, before a movie begins, on cigarette packets too!


Yes, the manufacturers of cigarettes themselves warn us to not smoke cigarettes.

Yet, even after reading this, many of us purchase cigarette packets and smoke!


But we don't realize this small packet of cigarettes can do big harm!

It does not only harm our lungs, but it also harms our teeth!

Yes, smoking is injurious to health including oral health!


It takes away our happiness, our smile by causing dental problems such as tooth discoloration, tooth decay, etc.


Smoking is injurious

You must end smoking before it ends you!

But easier said than done, isn't it?


Though we know that smoking is harmful and have read this many times, we yet can't quit it! That's because our smoking habit has grown very big! But ask yourself, is it bigger than your life, your smile, and your happiness?

A few pounds spent on cigarette packets can put your invaluable smile, happiness, and life at stake?

Doesn't this make smoking very expensive?

Can you afford this?

Though your habit of smoking is big but compared to your life and happiness, it is very small!

So, can't we give up the habit of smoking to not give up on our life, our smile, and happiness?

Still not sure?

Then keep reading this article. This article mainly focuses on how smoking cigarettes can ruin your beautiful smile by causing dental problems. Hope this information would make your decision to quit smoking stronger than your habit of smoking!



How does smoking affect our dental health?

Smoking affects our dental health in the following ways-

  • Stained teeth: Smoking is an important cause of stained teeth. The tar and nicotine in tobacco and cigarettes lead to tooth discoloration and stained teeth. They can cause your teeth to become yellow and brown. They not only fade the original color of your teeth but also fade the color of happiness by fading your beautiful smile! You can get your stained teeth treated by visiting the best dental clinic in Noida.
  • Gum diseases: Smoking produces bacterial plaque which in turn leads to gum disease. Smoking reduces oxygen in the bloodstream due to which the infected gums don't heal easily. Thus, smoking leads to gum disease which in turn can lead to loss of the tooth. Are you suffering from gum disease? Then visit the best dentist in Noida for treating your gums.
  • Mouth Cancer: We all are aware that smoking is the major cause of lung cancer. But did you know that smoking is also the major cause of mouth cancer? Yes, people who smoke are at a greater risk of developing mouth cancer. Mouth cancer can cause death. Thus, the top dentist in Noida recommends all to avoid smoking to avoid mouth cancer and major dental problems.
  • Tooth decay: Smoking causes the growth of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. Bacteria and plaque are very harmful to your teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities. This can further lead to tooth loss. One can treat their decayed tooth by visiting a dentist in Noida.
  • Bad breath and loss of smell and taste: Smoking not only leads to unpleasant health but unpleasant smells too. Yes, smoking causes bad breath! Smoking also causes loss of taste and smell. You can't smell your favorite hot pakoras! You can't even relish eating them! That's because smoking leads to loss of taste and smell.


Smoking also slows down the healing time of dental procedures such as tooth extraction and dental implants.

Thus, smoking ruins your teeth. And ruined teeth lead to a ruined smile! Thus, it is essential to leave smoking if you do not want your smile to leave you!

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Hope after reading the ill-effects of smoking on dental health, you would now be more encouraged to quit smoking. And now, your determination to quit smoking would be stronger and bigger than your habit of smoking!

Yes, at the start you would find it difficult to leave the habit of smoking. It would be painful. But not as painful as the consequences of smoking. Yes, the pain caused by not giving up smoking is much bigger than the pain caused by giving up smoking. The effects smoking has on our oral and overall health are more painful than the pain and discomfort experienced on quitting smoking. When one tries to quit smoking, there is temporary discomfort and pain at the start but when one continues smoking, there is pain and discomfort throughout the life. Temporary discomfort and pain can save you from permanent pain and grief! The decision to give up smoking can cause temporary pain at the start but in the end, it leads to permanent happiness. Temporary pain can lead to permanent happiness! By bearing little pain and discomfort you can get a lot of happiness. So, isn't it worth bearing the pain? Isn't it worth quitting smoking?

Think about it!

But what if smoking has already damaged your teeth?

Don't worry! As the saying goes "Better late than never"! You can quit smoking now! There is only one right time to do the right things and that is now! And you can reverse your teeth damage by visiting the best dental clinic in Noida. The dental clinic provides a variety of effective dental treatments such as dental implants, teeth whitening, root canal, etc. that help you get stronger and beautiful teeth! And beautiful teeth mean a beautiful smile!

So, visit the best dental clinic in Noida right now to say a perfect cheese!

Now is the time to live with smile and happiness and not with cigarettes!

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