Sensitive teeth – common cause and solutions

Teeth sensitivity can create complications for someone at any time. Teeth irritation is often caused by exposed roots or eroded enamel. However, teeth sensitivity may arise for various reasons so kindly visit Centre for smiles in Noida sector 34.

Suchi Rani Created on 12th May, 21

Many residents of Noida suffer from sensitive teeth. If you experience teeth sensitivity, but they can lead you to difficulty in eating and drinking. Many people seek proper treatment at Centre For Smiles - The Nest Satya Dental Clinic & Dentist in Noida.

The pain can occur abruptly and lasts for a short time. If your teeth are unprotected from cold or sweet, sticky, or acidic foods, the pain is widespread. If you are experiencing such discomfort, you should visit your dental clinic in Noida sector 34.


If you have sensitive teeth, read on to learn about some more popular reasons and treatment options available for you.


Teeth sensitivity: What causes It?

Teeth sensitivity can create complications for someone at any time. Teeth irritation is often caused by exposed roots or eroded enamel. However, teeth sensitivity may arise for various reasons. Here we are explaining a few of them.


Whitening your teeth: For whiter teeth, often people opt for this treatment to get rid of discoloration and surface stains. These teeth whitening treatments may cause sensitivity. Peroxide is a common component whitening your teeth which can lead to tooth sensitivity. 

Brushing so rough: Brushing too rough or with a toothbrush with stiff bristles can damage the enamel on your teeth, exposing the dentin underneath. Brushing your teeth so rough will cause exposure to your root and receding gum. It is the reason your dentists at the best dental clinic in Noida sector 34 recommend using a toothbrush with a smooth bristle.

Flossing in a wrong manner: It is essential for your oral health. Flossing helps to prevent plaque from forming on the teeth. You can get rid of gum disease, tooth irritation, and gum recession if you floss regularly. However, flossing in the wrong manner can lead you to teeth sensitivity. 

Grinding of the teeth: Do you hear grinding sounds in your teeth? Teeth grinding can lead to hamper your tooth and even cause them to break or fall. It also damages your teeth' enamel. As a result, the inner coating of the dentin gets exposed. As a result, it leaves the teeth more prone to decaying and sensitivity.

Diet plan: The foods you eat will have a significant impact on your teeth' sensitivity. Pickles, citrus fruits, onions, tea, and other acidic foods and beverages, can lead to enamel erosion, which increases tooth sensitivity.


Now let us see the treatments options available for you: 

Various causes can affect your teeth' sensitivity. However, a variety of treatment procedures can treat your teeth' sensitivity. Your dentist can recommend you try the suitable remedies listed below.


  • You can go for dental sealants. These are thin resin paste applied to the teeth by a dentist to get rid of sensitivity. It's important to remember that sealants work as a temporary solution that can wear off over time.


  • If you experience teeth grinding, which can lead to sensitivity, your dentist can recommend you to wear a mouthguard when sleeping. A mouthguard can help relieve sensitive teeth.


  • Fluoride varnish or gel is a highly concentrated fluoride agent. Your dental surgeon applies fluoride on your sensitive teeth to decrease teeth pain due to sensitivity and discomfort.


  • If you get sensitive teeth due to exposed teeth' roots, your dentist may prescribe you to use an agent for bonding to cover the roots. Your dentist applies this bonding on the exposed portion of your root to decrease your pain.


  • If these choices do not work for you and you continue to suffer from teeth sensitivity, your dentist can suggest a root canal. Your dentist will take out the soft tissue or pulp within your tooth during root canal surgery. It will eliminate the discomfort and pain caused by the tooth.


Several people face tooth sensitivity as it is a common problem. When you know some of the reasons and treatments for teeth sensitivity teeth, you should book an appointment with your doctor for proper treatment.