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  • Do you feel conscious about the shape of your teeth?
  • Are you looking for an effective treatment to fix your chipped, crooked, or    discoloured teeth? Then, a smile makeover can be an excellent choice to treat these problems.

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Moreover, Dr. Suchi has 7+years of experience and is one of the most trustworthy choices for smile makeovers. Dr. Suchi provides the most advanced and cost-efficient dental treatment with her team as their client’s satisfaction and comfort are their priorities. Our smile makeover procedures and tools match the international medical standards.

We will go through different aspects of a smile makeover treatment in this article.

So, first, let’s know,


What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover implements one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the appearance of the smile. As per the client’s requirements, our dentist will suggest the most suitable smile makeover in Noida. 

At the first consultation, our dentist will examine the patient’s dental condition properly. And she may recommend an X-ray or other crucial tests to figure out the problem. The patient will be given appropriate smile makeover treatment after receiving the findings of these tests. The treatments may include:

Orthodontics         Dental implantsGum lifting and reshaping 
Veneers                 Teeth whiteningCrowns Dental bridges

While performing the treatment, our dentist takes care of factors like the patient's skin tone, features of the teeth, gum tissue and lips, overall dental appearance, etc.


What can smile makeover treatment correct?

Smile makeovers can repair:

  • Teeth that are crooked or have gaps in them
  • Teeth that protrude from the gums
  • Teeth that are discoloured or yellow
  • Gummy smiles
  • Dark gums
  • Dental crowns that are unsightly and artificial-looking
  • Other dental problems, such as tetracycline spots, fluorosis, etc
  • Teeth that have been worn off
  • Teeth that are not straight


How much is the cost of smile makeover in Noida?

The cost of smile makeover may vary from person to person, depending on the type of treatment. It is better to consult our dentist to determine the most suitable smile makeover treatment and its charges.

Now, let’s know about,


Different Types of Smile Makeover Treatments 

Based on the patient's needs, our dentist can utilize one or more treatments for a smile makeover. Hence, proper planning is essential when undertaking the procedure. Following that, our dentists can perform the following treatments depending on the requirements of clients:

1. Orthodontics:

If the teeth are bent, or there is a gap between them, Invisalign or braces can close the gap. 

2. Teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening removes stains formed by taking tea, coffee, nicotine, and other substances. It even whitens teeth that have yellowed or changed colour with aging. 


3. Dental implant:

If the patient has lost teeth, they should get a dental implant. It will give a natural look and a strong base. 

4. Veneers:

Veneers are beneficial in treating various dental issues, such as broken teeth and discoloured teeth that bleaching agents can't whiten.

5. Gum lifting and reshaping:

Gum exposure is unattractive and may affect the smile. A smile makeover can be achieved by raising the gums and adjusting their shape. The dentist strips the excess gum tissue with a laser, giving a radiant smile.

6. Crowns

Crowns can treat extreme tooth decay. Crowns or caps encase a decayed or degraded tooth or protect it from further injury, which may contribute to tooth loss. 

7. Dental bridges

Dental bridges help replace the lost teeth. An artificial tooth is placed between two crowns on either side of the missing teeth to replace the missing teeth.


These are a few treatments that are very beneficial if anyone wants to have a smile makeover. 


What is the recovery process of a smile makeover?

Smile makeover procedures have no risks during the healing process. Our dentist will provide proper aftercare to help the patient heal properly. To recover completely, the patient must strictly adhere to the dentist's instructions. If the patient has any complications as a result of the procedure, they must call us immediately.


What are the benefits of getting a smile makeover?

  • Over everything, a smile makeover treatment would give a complete makeover for a gorgeous smile.
  • It ensures the teeth and gums are functioning correctly.
  • It will provide a natural and perfect smile by changing the overall shape of the teeth.
  • The patient will gain more confidence as a result of a better smile and look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It differs with each patient based on their specific requirements. Some patients can significantly improve the oral health and dental appearance in only a few visits.

Yes. Modern materials used in smile makeovers can last for several years with proper dental care and routine visits to the dentist.

It would be advantageous if patients are concerned about post-operative care. The patients should follow all dental hygiene guidelines directed by the dentist. Patients should avoid foods that can damage the teeth. They should get a dental check-up every six months.

The type of procedure determines the duration of the smile makeover treatment. When it comes to teeth cleaning, the whole process can be done in a single day. In contrast, orthodontics and dental implants can take a few months to complete.